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WeLoveToSew.Blogspot.Com provides an updated directory to the latest blog posts, in related to sewing blogs, to help individuals have some me-time to read and comment about each other's sewing projects which encourages increased levels of happiness, decreased levels of stress and allow individuals to build a happier self.


Diana is the woman behind WeLoveToSew.Blogspot.Com. She started the blog, but after several years, gave up her precious me-time due to the stress, pressures, worries and responsibilities that came with single, divorced motherhood to two beautiful daughters, who were then only four years old and two months old. After a near mental breakdown, Diana analysed her lifestyle and found that she has no me-time, to relax, refresh or recharge. Her levels of happiness were at an all-time low and her levels of stress were at an all-time high. She decides that she wants to attain a work-life balance, so as to be a better and happier person who can manage her stress and responsibilities in life better. She just need some Me-Time...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Add your blog here!

This directory of sewing blogs seek to bring together all the sewing blogs that are online and seeks to bring you the freshest content available.

We do not sort alphabetically or by popularity. Sorting of the blogs are by updates. The recently updated blogs are pumped to the top of the list!!! Now, you can come here everyday for the latest posting on those sewing blogs!!

Please add your comment below, with a link to your blog and the title of your blog and your blog will be added to our directory!!~ Once your blog is added, your comments will be deleted. Please check to make sure you have the correct link, if after adding, the directory cannot detect any feeds from your url, it will be removed automatically...

Thank you very much for your support all these years.. This has finally been updated.. ::))